Urban Training Complex


The RCTA has an Urban Training Complex (UTC) for both law enforcement and military use. The UTC is an eleven-building complex located on the Academy grounds. This location offers a secure training environment where counterdrug professionals need not worry of their training philosophies or tactics being observed or recorded by passers-by. The UTC is designed to enhance a student's performance and understanding of classroom training through effective and immediate"hands-on"application.

The complex is available for use as an independent training area for agencies not attending RCTA classes, but need a secure environment to practice and hone their counterdrug skills and tactics.

The UTC is located just north of the RCTA Headquarters building. It is designed to enhance the realism and training quality of urban training. Its design represents a realistic urban training environment. The structures that make up the UTC are as follows:

1 ea. - Motel, two-floor, multi-room
1 ea. - Pharmacy, single-floor, multi-room
1 ea. - Office complex, single-floor, multi-room
1 ea. - Convenience Store, single-floor, multi-room
2 ea. - Mini warehouse, single-floor, multi-room
1 ea. - Rappel tower, four-floor, 40 ft.
1 ea. - Residential house, single-floor, multi-room
1 ea. - Barn, two floor, multi-room
1 ea. - UH-1 Helicopter hull
1 ea. - Mobile Home, 12 ft. X 60 ft.
1 ea. - Dog Kennel, 12 bays

The UTC was designed and constructed primarily to train civilian law enforcement officers. Priority for use of the UTC is as follows :

1. In support of courses conducted by RCTA
2. Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs)
3. Military/government organizations *
4. Other agencies
* The UTC may be used by military/government personnel and agencies only if a LEA has not requested its use for the same period.

RCTA also has available, for LEAs only, various types of tactical training gear to enhance their training. Military units may request the equipment, however, RCTA equipment is reserved for use by civilian LEAs only, except in unique circumstances. The Commandant of RCTA will review each request, and approve or disapprove the use of requested equipment by anyone other than a LEA. The gear available includes:

a. Model 870 shotguns
b. MP-5s
c. Automatic pistols
2. Ballistic protective vests
3. Tactical load bearing vests
4. Rappel gear
5. Communications equipment (for civilian LEAs only)

Located in the UTC is a Planning/ Operations facility. The facility is a self-sustaining training room. It is equipped with tables, chairs, charts, desks, writing pads, and is suitable for conducting briefings. It is also available, upon request, to any agency requesting the UTC.

UTC Request Form