UTC Reservations


All requests received by RCTA will be reviewed on a first-come basis. Requests must be received by the RCTA a minimum of 14 days prior to the requested usage dates. Once approved, or disapproved, the requesting agency will be notified. Approved UTC requests are considered "locked-in" ten working days prior to the requested dates and the remaining forms are due at that time. Military, governmental, or other organizations reserving the UTC may be replaced by a civilian LEA requesting the UTC prior to the ten day lock-in period.

Meals and housing are available on NAS Meridian at a small cost. RCTA can make the necessary arrangements for meals and lodging on the base if the LEA requests it. Although the RCTA can make the necessary arrangements, the requesting agency is responsible for all costs incurred for the meals and rooms.

 Training Facility Request Form  Download the UTC Information Packet

*To obtain a username and password to gain access to the UTC request form above, please email us at utc@rcta.org with your agency information.

If you have any questions, please contact SMSGT Sam Nobles at (601) 696-8877